Patch Notes 2.42

This dude seems to have an entirely unique body & head. Not even the other OC Preds got this much. What the fuck is going on. Even his teeth are new.

i might just get back into the game with this dlc and get some xp…

yes slightly crooked.

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It’s probably the reason we didn’t get any bug fixes lol

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3 months waiting for this shit


Yeah same here but I’ll probably just stay in privates I don’t even want to try pubs I’m so rusty




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Zero bug fixes.

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Advantage Mass!

Clowns, make public comment about current game state, I’m curious what you know about you’re own game

Glad to see content but like what the fuck dude


I got you covered Beer.


Haven’t you been complaining for the last few weeks about illfonic and this game? To then jump right back into handing them your money 😆


Actually no just me saying hey! If your gonna do something please do it right this time since you now have a lot more fans to impress them before, I still don’t respect or care about IllFonic. If anything I want the Predator gaming franchise with another more capable company but it’s just something that’s gonna stick with them so whatever.

Hmmm 🤔 it didn’t sound as polite as you just put it , maybe its my memory though

Or I was using sarcasm, the world may never know. Regardless the Bionic Predator looks cool, though I kinda wished it was Spiked Tail or Lasershot as the Bionic or Cyborg Predator.

Hey so uh, y’all gonna release this orrrrrr?

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Might be a early leak, I couldn’t find it in the patch notes section. So might be a private post for now🤷🏻

I hope it gets released today

Update: yup private post, god knows how it got leaked to someone else but someone’s in trouble if so 🫢

Wow cool worthless

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Nah, this looks lazy and uninspired.