Paying online

This is going to be a discussion about the online play though because I bet that there are some people who had bought this game and thought maybe this is game that there is going to be a story mode for you don’t have to pay the PlayStation plus membership but you the creators decided that the only way to quick play the game is pay online and I bet there are some kids who like the predator and finally got a game of it and can’t wait to play it but now they can’t because they realize that they have to pay online just to play the game and there parents just wasted good money because they thought that their kids can play without paying online but they are wrong and sure you can pay online to play with other players I fine with that but if you guys can’t fix the story mode and you still have to pay online then it was a wast of money and time to get this game because I can only play the tutorial nothing else so please fix this.


Pretty sure it’s rated M so kids shouldn’t be playing it anyway. If the parents don’t research it prior it’s their bad luck. There was never any indication this game would be single player at all either.

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Fair point I guess I’m stock playing Tutorial 😞

I can understand you wanting a single player campaign. I doubt anyone here would turn one away…but did you really not know the type of game it was before you purchased it?

We did but for some reason it didn’t show up in my computer 💻

Well I’m just grateful to have this game and I hope they do some sort of single player,story mode what ever they do I hope they do it.

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True there was no indication but the fact that when they revealed the game was gonna be online they got way to many people asking for them to add single player modes to the game or atleast an offline where you play against bots that should have made them rethink the direction they wanted to take this game or atleast make one down the road cause we all know they dont care about having offline which is funny cause they hot this same reaction from F13 only being online, also some people dont see the value in buying a game that you have to pay to play it anyway, if your gonna make an online only game for console then honestly it should be “free”.

Plus with a franchise like predator how could they not have atleast added offline bots even though a predator game deserves a story campaign

I’m sure people did they probably just thought that they werent talking about it for some reason, like guilty gear strive has some offline content but the bulk of what the devs talked about was the online making people like me to think strive was only online even though it’s not

No! Sorry! The game was advertised as a 4v1 online asymmetrical shooter! Sooo

Also if you are too broke to afford ps plus then maybe stop playing games!
Like shoot ps plus for a whole year was 29.99 last week! Take advantage of sales

You dont have to be broke to not want to pay a company so you can access your own internet so you can play a game you just paid for. Plus it doesn’t matter of it was advertised as a 4v1 that’s clearly not what people wanted cause if it was the game would have sold extremely more and you would have people asking for a completely different mode then what the game was intended for

Lol! You and 5 ppl does not change a companies mind!

Also ps plus is not granting you access to your internet its granting you access to there servers tht they have to maintain lol!

What a necro.

Welcome to the era of online-only games.
You’re a bit late.

It’s not five people genius its alot more but its overshadowed by how shit the game is and all you simple players will take any half assed game given to you, hence why the gane is the way it is now. And ok access to their servers regardless we have to pay another fee for something that shouldn’t he our problem es6since we are already paying for the game, so dont be upset cause people want more out of their games and you settle for laziness

This is one of the dumbest threads on this hell site, and that’s saying something.

Step 1: “Buys game advertised as PvP online only”

Step 2: “Complains game is PvP online only”

…I’m off to go buy Assassin’s Creed and complain that there’s no battle royale mode.

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Actually, I was the same way. My dad bought me this game on my PS4 and I couldn’t play multiplayer either. Then, about a month later he bought me that playstation plus pass for multiplayer and I was thrilled. But, within the time period of me not having multiplayer I figured something out. You can still play private matches by yourself as the FireTeam and do the missions. You can play as the pred to, but it’s very boring if you do it that way. So, if you don’t have online play on your pc, then just do private matches as the FireTeam, that way there you can still enjoy the game.