Pc and Playstation crossplay on private match

Tried to play with my friends on playstaion but I am on pc, there is forums online about linking a psn account with epic games but this seems not to work. Is this a common problem or something that’s going to change in the future as it would be nice to play with friends who don’t have a pc but have a ps.

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Its pretty annoying.

The official response from Illfonic is that “we are are working with our partners to resolve the issue”.

Nothing but silence from illfonic though…

False advertising.


Apparently the game didn’t launch yet according to the morons around here.

It absolutely is.

The only thing we can hope for is that Illfonic make good on their word rather than issuing an apology for false advertising and just saying “sorry we got it wrong. There won’t be cross platform parties”.

The whole debacle to me looks like an internal dispute over who handles the matchmaking and my money is on Sony either wanting PC players to make playstation network accounts, or that they just won’t allow cross party invitations as your mixing with an online ecosystem the have no control over.
The simple solution is that everyone who plays the game on playstation needs to matchmake through EGS servers like fortnite and either use their linked EGS account or create a new one - but sony can’t be happy with that idea.

Obviously Fortnite is a very different beast in that Sony aren’t the publisher, and if sony declined cross platform for fortnite PS4 on the epic games ecosystem then they would risk losing players to the platforms that do allow cross party play.

No such issue exists here though. Either way it doesn’t bother me that much how they “skin the sausage” - I just want it done.

Some word from illfonic on how they plan to tackle this issue would be nice.