Pc Contols

Pc controls are scuffed and needs fixing missing links for edit controls and if you switch to knife it has to cycle 2cd wep first before the knife comes out.


I noticed the switching to knife issue, too - f’n annoying and impactful when in close-combat situations.


Instead of ‘Last Weapon’, it’s now ‘Switch Back To Primary Weapon’.

This can now get you killed during melee encounters. Yay! How long do you think they’re gonna take to fix this? It took them nearly a month to address the log out issues from a few weeks and that was genuinely game breaking. So, a couple of months from now?!

I completely believe you are right, im starting to just want my money back and wash my hands from this game…

Cue the Jeopardy theme!

I was able to get this resolved today. Found out that the ‘Q’ key was bound to two separate actions after the 1.16 patch. I removed the non-weapon wheel action and it started working again. Check on your bindings.