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Alright so I’m thinking of buying a gaming PC. I know next to nothing about this stuff though so I’m looking for opinions.
What am I looking at for a decent rig?

You might want to check out www.ibuypower.com to check out rigs and see how pricing is with different options. Also, you have to invest in a good monitor… there are so many options.

I decided to just get a nice gaming laptop that set me back a bit but has lasted for two years.

At any rate, you should expect to shell out at least 2 K total, If you want a decent set-up.

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I’ve been looking there. They have a pre-built on Amazon too that looks right for around $1200. A price I’m not happy with really but eh…

I have no idea what any of it means really though as far as processors and graphics cards. I have no idea what’s good or bad or what

What games are you trying to play? Honestly china crashed the PC market with crypto farms. You might be better off just checking to see if games you want are on Geforce Now and save $1000 if youve got good internet.

Gaming laptops have improved but are still prone to frying their own components. Whereas you can geforce now most popular games on ultra on a crappy macbook.
Trial gets you 1 hr for free then you have to reconnect, $10 a month is 6 hours uninterrupted with priority access to a cloud rig.

I mean right now off the top of my head the two that come to mind are this and Elite Dangerous. I haven’t really explored much of PC gaming though. Hell to me PC is for old RTS games and old console emulators

PHG isn’t on Geforce Now yet but if you’ve got a shitty computer or laptop with a browser function somewhere you can stream Elite Dangerous on ultra to it.
I’ve actually never tried elite dangerous.

I mean I have a computer, it’s like 5 years old. I can play elite on it but it’s so God damn bad. My Xbox does fine and it looks fantastic but my computer it’s not worth it

Two games isnt worth 1-2k IMO

Give it a shot if your internet is stable.

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I’ll look into it. The thing is though like I said this is up until now I’m only looking at these two games. I’m thinking about maybe more in the future. New halo coming out and I don’t really intend to get a new Xbox, plus steam always has fun stuff I might want to try but I know my current computer that I use for basic stuff isn’t worth it

Can I sound like a savage? Even though I have a desktop I built (Older, but 980ti sli with three liquid cooling loops), the progress they’ve made on gaming laptops is stunning. Some of them are real beasts, you’re not fighting cryptominers for HW (as much), and being able to go “fuckit, I’m playing games anywhere I want” is kinda great.

Currently my work laptop is an Alienware m15 r2, which has been surprisingly good (like, to be clear, I’d buy my own if I was in the market), but historically I’ve used a lot of MSI and Origin laptops as well. Downside is that instead of incrementally upgrading as you need, you’ll just keep it for a few years then sell it or donate it


This…might not be a bad idea for my needs

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Dont do it.
You already know what happens to those who do.

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I’m too old for that though lol

Damit cadillac we cant lose you to the pc bullshit!
Dont do it!!!

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Just know that bit mining being a thing you’re going to pay out the ass for a GPU but you’re better to get a desktop then a laptop, don’t get a pre-build if you can help it and take your time planning it out because it’s really worth it if you do it right

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With stuff like the g14 available now + a cooling pad laptops are fine by my book as long as they don’t fry their own components. I had an older asus though and the battery was under the WASD practically melting the keyboard cauterizing fingertips after 30 min. Always check reviews.

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Chances of Geforce Now support for PHG?

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I also use my laptop to heat the room. I swear they have built in self-destruct mechanisms like phones.

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