PC internet issue

unfortunatley its not something in your control, the issue must be fixed by the people responsible for that network area or ISP for example.

Good news is these problems are usually fixed fast so all you should have to do is wait for an hour or 2 and its usually fixed.

i have this issue a month ago from that time am try to looking for adress to sent to costumer support of this game but not found till i found here

ah then it may be a different issue. you have never been able to connect to the game? never played it?

Or recent it started to happen?

from month ago this issue happend and i cant play it really am on my way to delete this game that really sad i bought this game as pre order long ago but sad if i cant play it for this issue

try this. disconnect power from modem. leave for 10-15min. then reconnect.

This should give new IP Address to you.

Sometimes a banned IP adress can be taken by your modem due to DHCP.

You get a new IP address and it may solve the issue. to test type into google “what is my IP” and write down number, do not tell here.

Then do the reset modem for 10-15 mins.

Then check again IP adress with google. if its different then try game again.

if IP does not change then try unplug for longer.

If still does not change, then maybe need to contact internet provider. Or ask aggain @Illfonic to check that your IP is not banned.

how much fps u get?

Refund it

my fps 180-200 epic settings :P but this not my problem XD

What the hell… u getting 200 fps on epic settings…

good to know cause im getting rtx 2080ti from a friend soon… and 2080ti is on par with 3070

yes man 1080 screen 144 hrz

yes after this issue and no one from those fkn illfonic help i would like to refund it

I refunded a few days ago . DM me if you want info to do it 👍🏻

hmmm i bought it pre order long ago from epic so how can i do the refund ?

really those illfonic are shitty company

I pre-ordered aswell

Nice im running 1080p 240hz

just needed the info lol.

Whats your temperature too?

almost 40-45

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my battle ground fps is 300 medium settings nvidia 30 series are very cool

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okay nice but how i refund it cause epic refuse cause its not in 14 days refundable