Pc parts to sell

Got some 850 evga psu
4 different mice logitech 502s
6500 i5 mobo combo with tower
2 tower cases new in box
A lot more shit.

Otherwise ill just sell it else where

I need a new PSU cause i plant to get rtx 3080… how much u selling 850W for?

Would this cover the cost for all of it?


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I think you need a few blue ones aswell.

I have seasonic plat 750 and an evga 850 or 750 gold. Enermax 850 industrial non modular. What do u think fair price for used? I think i have a corsair lieing around… over 15 yrs dealing with cpus i found evga and enermax to last the longest…more than seasonic
I have all modular cables… ill throw up some pics later

So that’s what bit coins look like

I cant even find any 30XX cards for sale. Where’s your source?

Huh? What about the new gpu series?

The cards are sold out everywhere. I want to get a gtx 30xx but have only found them in premade pcs not on newegg or amazon.

Oh that… yeah wait for re-stocks…

But im getting one soon once the stock hits the main reseller in my country…

They directly get the gpu’s from NVIDIA and i pay MSRP price for it without VAT and stuff…

I’m buying it via my boss firm so im safe lol… its a private shop for firms only.

So are these all the parts required to build a plasma caster? Or will I still be missing some things?

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You will be missing two things. The soul of a autistic child, and Shane Black’s spine then you will be able to craft a fully functioning plasma caster. Shane’s spine is just added effect. Think as yourself as Rocket from Guardians Of the Galaxy it doesn’t serve a purpose but you just need it

Ahh i see, I see. Thanks. I’m not too tech-savvy, so I didn’t know. I was hoping to be able to add it to my outfit for when I go hunting in the streets. So far I only have some fishnets and a loincloth.

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