PC reboot when playing PHG

Well, after update I’ve decided to play PGH again but encountered with some problems in my PC.

During the game on some maps my PC always reboots. This happening ONLY in PHG(tested in Cyberpunk, Red Dead Online, Warzone). I’ve tried to monitor some PC parameters like CPU load/GPU load, temperature - but everything looks fine.

My PC spec:

  • Ryzen 7 3700x
  • 2070 Super
  • 24gb RAM

All drivers was updated. I assume that the issue could be in bios update(i’ve updated it one week ago) but all parameters of RAM freq/CPU freq etc are the same, and in windows log I can see no some critical bugs(only error 41, but it’s useless) and a message about error IOMMU.

Probably somebody faced similar issues, I would be glad to hear how you fixed it

what is power supply wattage?

any CPU / RAM / GPU overclocking?

Rebooting is usually power related or instability from OC.

Run a memory diagnostics like TM5 [TestMem5] is good at finding problems fast (https://testmem.tz.ru/)

Run some stability test using OCCT / prime95 or similar.

I have the same problem, after upgrading my PC. My PC always go to reboot after launching the game. With any other games(cyberpunk, MK11, Overwatch etc) its works fine. And at my old PC - PHG works absolutely fine with no lags or crashes.

Ryzen 5 5600X
RX 480
16 gb RAM
Power supply 650W

And all drivers are updated, and all parametrs are monitored - everything are work fine.

i had a lot of crashing and it was due to 100mhz too much on the PBO settings in bios. It was fine in everything else too but this game is very sensitive.

As you 2 are on ryzen id go and check you dont have your PBO frequency set too high.

So, did you solved this issue my friend?

Well, in my case, PBO is set to auto, which means it’s disabled. I’ve also already made test on cpu/ram/gpu and everything is fine.
I think that undervoltage can help here…maybe

super hard to diagnose crashes without info.

GPU overclocking core/mem/power limit can be a big issue with this game.

I think yes. I tried all the suggested methods. Nothing works.
And there is only one conclusion - need to buy new Power supply with higher wattage. This game is very CPU-intensive.

its not particularly CPU intensive but it will max out the GPU power. i can easily see maximum power draw in the menu. over 350 watts sometimes! just for the 2080super…

If your Power supply is old, or just not enough wattage it will reboot.

650 watts thought with a RX480 shouldnt be a problem. GPU will be around 200~ watts max. the CPU will draw less than 70~ watts in game… plus everything else (RAM, SSDs / HDDs, usb devices, KB/Mouse) - your looking at 300-350 ish watts MAX for total power even when GPU is maxxed out. So unless its a particularly bad and cheap or very old power supply then it should be fine.

My mistake. I have Corsair VS550 power supply. Not 650w :(

even still it should be fine and its a Corsair its not some WangChang-BangGood $20 1000watt unit.

How old is it? under 5 years old and it should still be ok. under 3 years old will be no issue.

He is about 3.5 years old.

So anyway - system go to reboot almost instantly after game launch.

id be supprised if it was the issue but it could be faulty, again its very hard to diagnose things remote.

Sorry cant help more.

Do you have anyone you could borrow a PSU from to test it?

I have a 700w power supply so it’s not a thing here I think…
Really hard to diagnose. I jsut don’t know which could be changed after bios update

yes i had issues after a bios update. sometimes auto everything isnt optimal.

try increasing LLC / Load Line Calibration a bit. too much VDroop can cause hangs/reboots. but you do want SOME VDroop.

if its on auto try starting low and moving up and testing each time.