PC Shoutout

So, pretty much have everything squared away and carted away. Soon I’ll be joining PC players, but did want to give an honest thank you towards @Scarface_1983 and @Finessology for helping out, helping look up stuff, giving information and so much more. Sometime in the next month I’ll have everything. Again thank you very much!


Awesome DM me when you have it set up and i’ll add you on steam. We can get some AvP2 and Isle parties going.

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Yes! Definitely looking forward to playing the isle. I either want my first time to be a baby rexy or a dyno to dig little holes everywhere and chirp XD

Damn! You guys are still playing AVP2 on Steam. Count me in!

I’ve never played it so can say definitely would love to see how it goes, Tempting to get a PS5 controller too strictly for the PC lmao

The whole game is available on avpunknown and the servers with modded maps are actually still active atleast on weekends, just picked it up again today.

That’s awesome. Thanks for sharing that site.

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@TentacleDadi pleasure to help. Let me know if you need more info.

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Will do!