.PCDS Clan

Tired of losing even though you are a good player?

Tired of waiting 10 minutes to win in less than 3 as a Pred and want some challenge?

Join our clan!

Our number one rule is to have fun. If you are a boring FT you can’t play with us. If you are a salty Pred who gets cranky when you lose you can’t play with us.

Main Preds cannot be part of our clan, but can be granted honorary membership if they prove to be a worthy foe.

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I am skilled fireteam But you are on PC right?

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yup. Sadly until they fix crossplay invites we can’t accept console players. Still .PCDS stands for PC Death Squad.

looking for pc players :D

from eu T.T

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Are you in the USA?

Ping times in private matches are becoming a nightmare when we play with people from anywhere else

Now now… don’t make it a US only ‘clan’.
That’s just rude :P

HAHAHA… I ain’t making it USA only, xeno here was asking me on discord for a Private Match, hence my response. :P

The Clan having some fun

hmm intresting.

How do we go about joining this PCDS squad

This is not a Death Squad, this is just a premade. :>
But as long as you guys are having fun you fulfill your goal! Go boys!

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Technically we are a clan composed of 30+ members and we all play in mixed pre-mades. Sometimes even having 2 or 3 full squads active and jumping from group to group as available spots are open. We also do private matches often.

Peanut, if you play on PC and have Discord, send me a message and we can play. I usually play everyday late at night Central Time

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