People can't edit their loadout. Affected classes City Hunter, Dutch 87, and Viking

I also have it: I got this very specific bug

Only way to fix it is to delete your save, and hope Illfonic fix it in a hotfix

I won’t. I’m tired of deleting my save files, tbh.

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Yeah, It gets real annoying after doing the first time

Nothing works. I Bought the game a 3-4 days ago and it worked until yesterday.
I tried to de- and reinstall the game, erased the savegame-files, made the files “read only” when the game is running and after i quit, i made copies of the savegames inGame and after playing and overwrote the bugged files,…
Maybe the weapon-loadout is saved in another File ?

I´m playing on PC, have no DLC´s and i am only Lev.23 (No DLC-Weapons).

Edit: I think i´m getting close. I tried to make my loadout step by step. Everytime i put my morphin syrette (Field Syrette) to slot 3 the bug appears. Can someone confirm this ?

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I’m not on PC so I can’t help you with anything on a technical level

I don’t know what your talking about when you say Morphine

Also all DLC weapons become available for everyone at a certain level, and I’m pretty sure none of them cause problems.

Now again I’m not on PC so I can’t help you with any of the in game files

I hope your problem is solved soon

Sry, i´m playing in german. It´s the first-aid-Injektion-thíng. It´s called “morphin-Syrette”
“Field Syrette” in english ;)

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It’s ok
I figured you were playing the game in another language

I honestly didn’t know there was a problem with gear placement in certain gear slots. If it’s only happening with the third slot then just don’t put it in the third slot

I wish I could be more helpful then that

Now i know that, but there are so many other player with the same bug. Maybe my info can help them to figure out what is wrong with their game and together we can help illfonic fixing these bugs.

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You are right your info does indeed help
Hopefully we’ll get a hotfix in January

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Dont leave the 1st gear empty or dont skip the second gear slot by using the 1st and third on any FT loadout. This resets your weapons everytime.

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Yes, i left the 2nd Slot blank too.
But i will not test this !

the gear slot bug wont break your loadout. Its safe to try at least. But the GOSL with Dutch 87 is definitely a loadout breaker. You wont even be able to select it. Thats where you need to delete your files.

Now Viking is having this problemEdit Loudout Glitch for Viking and Samurai Predators

I’m changing the title

Every loadout is affected every fucking patch. It’s a tradition at this point.

It just randomly changed one of my FT loadouts again. It looks like it’s resetting weapons and gear only though. Perks remain unchanged.

I can’t edit loadouts 1 2 3 4 5 7 12 and number 6 randomly changes itself. For fuck sake.

This is my loadout I can’t acess.

It locked up because you have the Net Gun as primary. Only way to fix it is to delete your save data, or wait for it to be fixed

@BudWieserKiazer could you post what your loadout for your Viking and Samurai. The sooner we can figure out what is causing it the sooner @Illfonic can fix it

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