People can't edit their loadout. Affected classes City Hunter, Dutch 87, and Viking

Can’t customize or access the loadouts with these characters

These are some of the people who are affected and reported outside of this post.

I myself am experiencing the same bug/glitch with City Hunter

Currently there isn’t a way to fix them the only way to re-access them is to follow these steps

  • Don’t give Dutch 87 the GOSL
  • Don’t put Smart Disc or Net Gun in the primary weapon slot on CH
  • Don’t put Field Syrette in the third gear slot

Other then that I can’t help

@Courier @OldKingHamlet I know you guys are going on holiday but could you let someone know that this is a problem


To these people I only have one thing to say

Git gud


@TheSenate suggested deleting the settings but it didn’t fix anything for me

Well some people like playing as CH but now they can’t
So could you take your trolling comments somewhere else for once

Huh. Fixed it for me. Don’t know why it isn’t a universal fix.

It worked wonders for when I was experiencing blue screens at the main menu

well, at least it fixed that.

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That was back when predators were getting blue screens whenever they were perried

the dark times…

The dark times indeed
And now with Illfonic now taking its Christmas break hopefully we don’t get hit with another

its random for me,
I deleted my save data but it got worse… No I have to close the game to get out of the loading screen.
Before I deleted the data I couldnt click on it. Right now there are 3 bugged loadouts

Dam that sucks

I do hope someone at Illfonic takes note of this



Eventually they will, next year and a month later

I have no access to my city Hunter loadouts it just freezes the game

Edit* one of two is working now

Wow that’s worse than some of the other people I’ve heard having problems

To be clear I’ve only had it on two of my loadouts and I just stopped messing with it after that which is really depressing because I love the city Hunter
***PC copy. haven’t tried it on my PS4 copy this week

Yeah one of my favorite loadouts is also CH

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I think I’m one of the three people in the world who love Predator 2…

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