Performance on PC

Bought a 3060ti recently, and decided to try this game with it. This card can run things like CP2077 on max settings with RT on in 1920x1080. So i launched this PHG game. FullHD, max settings. I had below 30fps when termal vision is on in night version of HQ map. is it ok? @IllFonic

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For some reason I get @'ed whenever someone uses @IllFonic 2: Electric Boogaloo

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This game is notorious for being poorly optimized for PC as well as PS4. It actually runs BETTER on PS5 compared to a PC with a 3080ti. As the baddest, grenade tossin’ mofo @JelouGaming put it, it is more than likely just a poor emulated version on PC.

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The game sucks when it comes to performance.

I had as low as 40 fps on Backwater map with RTX 3070, settings on high, while GPU utilization was just chilling at around 30% at all times, 20% for CPU.

Dude running at 720P with all graphics on low still gives me frame skipping from 120 down to 40 out of fucking nowhere. Is ridiculous

I have an RTX 2060 and i never have lower than 50/60 fps on max settings. Except on excavation