Pervasively stupid problems that could probably be fixed easily

So there are issues with this game. But I think there are a few that 1) are REALLY stupid and 2) could EASILY be fixed. Although maybe not having the same impact that known bugs and balance issues have on this game, these problems are definitely stupid and fixable.

a. When playing predator, there should never be an enormous banner that completely blocks your view for any kind of reason. Ex., fire team reinforcing, fire team has reinforced, chopper being called, someone escaping. Words cannot express how much I don’t want this information to take up my entire TV screen. A small little notification in the corner would be completely fine. I cannot imagine why anyone ever thought the current setting was necessary.

b. When playing predator, there is absolutely no reason that jump and climb tree functions should be mapped to the same key/button without an option to separate. It is infuriating to press jump when the “x” icon is not even in view and get launched up a tree, thus ruining an attack or escape attempt, or not be able to jump if Im too close to a tree, because I know the predator will climb it at a snails pace while getting his hp cleared in the middle of a fight instead of jumping. Its especially obnoxious if you throw the spear through someone and it ends up in a tree, and leap doesnt retrieve it. Why not just let square serve as the climb button.

c. Why do pigs fly 30 meters when you kill them. Why do pigs, at times, need 8 entire seconds to finish rolling down a hill. This is time we don’t have in a game where none of the predator’s escape/evasive mechanisms even work. You already only have a 50/50 chance of eating a pig against a good fire team on a night map. Can this be changed so the pig just dies where it is and doesnt move, so you can eat it the second you kill it? Lastly, can we make the pig icon on the map way smaller, and the in game marker more obvious if you are supposedly right on top of it? There are situations where it is unbelievably difficult to find a pig which the map says you are right on top of, and it takes many seconds you cannot afford to lose just to find it.

Just some thoughts. I don’t play fire team but I imagine there’s some things some people might want to add in that department.


Also, buy “x” amount of field lockers seems like a no brainer addition so you don’t have to spend 5 minutes buying lockers if you want to get a lot

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this thread is dumb. none of these issues are going to be fixed. illfonic doesnt give a shit about this game, so they moved on to other ones

go away

How are you gonna cry when someone tells you something, when all you do is talk shit unnecessarily for no fucking reason at all?

Cant take it dont dish it then.

This thread is dumb

And you know it

Theres no need to talk shit to the guy tho.
And you do it all the time, unprovoked on threads like this.

So dont whine like a little bitch cause your video sucked.

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Don’t let FT reinforce nor escape.

Remap the buttons.

Physics. Do you know it?

This one you have a point.

Sorry bud, their time on this game is done. It will remain a janky, unbalanced, broken shit heap

There is an option, it kinda sucks, because you might need to sacrifice another button to make it work accordingly, but the option is there.

I have R3 jump X tree mount. Works great

I have Up arrow to do that. Can’t even remember if I switched the mimicry. I almost never use it.

So I actually switched that at one point but found myself missing mimicry. I use it pretty often

I know you do. I just prefer to use the mic if I need to express myself… and I know for a fact you do that way more than I do. lolol

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So you come to this forum every few days to be an annoying whiney bitch that talks shit but can’t ever take it. Makes sense.


Yes. Might I add jumping straight upwards next to small objects and after deploying gear.

Unfortunately, all these points have made before. There is little hope that this game will ever be improved beyond its current state.

Correction: no hope

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