PHG Conclusion

Hi Illfonic and the PHG community!

I have never interacted with forums of any websites, companies, etc. before but because I’d like to share my input on a game using the IP of a franchise that I love so much, I created an account solely for this entry to you guys.

These sci-fi extraterrestrial hunters have been a nerdy favorite of mine ever since I saw the first 1987 film with my old man as a child still in grade school. Probably not a film for a kid but man I’m glad my dad was awesome! From that point forward I have been obsessed with any material associated with this ugly mofos, from comics and movies to the video games. That being said im also aware of how poorly the license has been handled with this character since Predator 2 (in my opinion) when it comes to these products. From mediocre at best games like 2005’s “Predator: Concrete Jungle” by Eurocom and 2010’s “Aliens vs Predator” by Rebellion Developments, to the handfull of poor movies by 20th Century Studios such as the Aliens vs Predator films and 2018’s “The Predator”…still getting over that film since it flopped despite having the same guy from the original film direct it…

The point being that over a decade us Predator fans have been getting by with poor products that had potential but failed in doing this license justice…and unfortunately this game seems to be a statistic in that aspect…

Im not going to go in depth with that topic as you guys are already aware of this game issues and everyone and their mom in these forums have shared plenty, so I’ll summarize.

This game’s launch was a disappointment to say the least, the game was in a unacceptable state and clearly was not ready to be released with not have enough content for the asking price. But me along with other fans held on to Illfonic’s integrity and hoped that they would pull a “Friday the 13th” so to speak, to build on this game overtime and be able to add alot more with this game not having any legal issues.

However it seems that this hasn’t been the case. Despite the new maps and one new mode, the past two years of this game’s lifestyle has been filled with too much unfinished comestic content without the much needed content first to keep players REALLY playing, such as more maps and another mode or two like singleplayer. And also with many bugs and clunky game mechanics still unaddressed.

And with Ilfonic supposedly moving the majority of this games development team to its recent projects, this game is down to a state of shoveling unfinished predators every two months, the rapidly dwindling player base with only dedicated fans such as myself giving this game real attention, and the lack of communication of this games future on social media. I really don’t think this game will pull through a third year at all. Whether thats because Illfonic washes their hand clean of it or the playerbase dies off completely, I really think its time to wrap this game up…but here is how I think it should be done.

I think that the rest of this year and maybe a bit of next year should focus on only FULLY developing content we already know about. The last characters like Tank, Celtic, Noland, etc. with the last few pred masks and maaaaaaaaybe that last map that was leaked awhile back. To be honest with the current size of the dev team and the game’s current state, we will be lucky to get all of this at all.

After that focus on polishing the game itself such as bugs and quality of life changes as well as polishing existing content dlc like Wolf and Emissary should be the final cherry on top of this games conclusion.

To be finished with releasing future content other then the supposedly planned content and to at least leave this game with its current functions and content in a fully finished state would be the best outcome for a project that I’m sure we all know is coming to a close fairly soon. To end this game’s stress and frustration that its had on the fans and the developers since launch.

Of course I know nothing about game development and am aware that this is easier said then done, but I feel I can speak on behalf of fans when I say that all we want at this point is a finished game.

I hope Illfonic associates will see this and share some insight and that you guys will discuss if you feel the same or otherwise in the comments. Thanks for hearing me out!


Simply perfect feedback.
No remarks to be made.
I think if we had feedbacks like this every Day, the Game would have Improved Exponentially.
The problem with this forum is that some members are so pessimistic, that instead of adding something useful in the conversation, they just write that the game won’t improve, or create useless discussions for contradicting a certain point of view or start debating about other subjects that are literally out of the focus of the conversation.
I will really hope that this topic is carefully analyzed by the Illfonic team.
I’m still hopeful that the Game will reach the potential shown at launch.
Really, before adding New Content, Today, we needed what we already have in the Game to be tweaked or redone. Some things are extremely punctual. Simple things to do. It just takes a little good will to do it.

Ya you’re whole response here is an insult to all of us who’ve been here since the start, and gave good feedback and pointed out issues, and illfonic ignored us.

We are not the problem.
People like you need to stop blaming the community.

There is no reason to be positive with how badly illfonic has handled the game. And ass kissing never helped.

This game is a lost cause simply because illfonic does not care. Take a look around at all the issues people mentioned.


Have you ever considered that if you have a problem with the entire community, that you might be the source of the problem?


I’m pretty sure it his is why the game has gotten worse.

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I don’t know man, I think tons of people have been pretty on the nose and blunt since the beginning with respect to feedback.

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Everybody that kisses illfonics ass makes them think that they are doing something right. (Also illfonic doesn’t care anymore)


Oh, good to know, I wasn’t here at the beginning, I started playing somewhere between izzabel and cleopatra.

Oh ok. Yeah, lots of people, myself included, have been telling them since day one they’re fucking up and what to fix. Nothing changes

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I guess it didn’t work.

So it would seem. The game has gone dramatically down hill

I guess all we can do is pray illfonic focus’s on this game instead of on their new projects. (Probably never going to happen)

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Not a chance bud. Sorry. I truly wish it were otherwise. This game could have been great


I know 😔.

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Game is shovelware. This is all according to plan.

They just have to intermittently release cosmetics until Sony tells them its over. And boost portfolios by saying they made functional (lol, lmao) AI bots.
Year 1 stuff was already in development, probably ready close to launch. They were never making maps in the span of 1 month deadlines lol. The only things they really drummed up year 1 was likely City Hunter and Clash and notice how those were both unfinished, down to Clash being blatantly tacked on and the devs rushing to rip bad CH audio directly from the movie.

If you think about it any other company would be like “hey this is our most successful title lets look into this” but hell nah into the trash it goes bring out ghostbusters and fund ARCADEGEDDON BAYBEEE

You know all those dead companies that just made PS2 movie tie-in games year after year? Thats all this is really but they’re allowed to tell people it’s a “live service project” as long as theres still one guy in india putting shaders out once every 3 months. They get the benefits of the game being a service. Tbh ps2 movie tie ins were atleast finished products.



Bigger games have failed for less. You can scroll all the way back to year 1 and witness all the ignored feedback it makes no difference.
If they had wanted this game to go somewhere they would’ve said so. Illfonic is perfectly content with this outcome and made their money already.
It was never a project, but thats hard to accept better go blame the reddit or something as if the devs havent heard every peice of feedback here 1000 times and hasnt bothered to do a single QA not even in their own livestreams.

They just want a quick cheap game they can adjust some numbers on & toss out some reskins and then go to the next. No one wished this into existence lel.


go away

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Before adding content, they must fix all the issues/bugs. I got to the point where I don’t care about content, I just want the game to work properly.

There isn’t going to be any content beyond 2022