PHG Reddit Random Nails the Core Problem with this Game

SoundlessScream • 7d

Based on the movie, pretty much. I think
there is something to be said about
balancing how powerful an enemy is versus
how scary it is

If it is too powerful, then resisting it is
hopeless so why even try? It shuts peoplw
down and makes it feel the game is rigged
for them to lose.

I had the most fun playing a predator themed
gametype on halo 3 where the predator was
easily killed by weapons, but it’s cloaking and
jump height were extremely powerful, the
level was darkly lit and the predator moved
very fast.

The predator could one shot players with a
melee and quickly jump away again. Dealing
with the predator in that custom game was

In predator hunting grounds, it’s almost just
annoying somehow because there is a
victory goal objective we are supposed to
accomplish that the predator seems to just
get in the way of all the time. He’s mega
tanky, slow, loud and clumsy in movement in
comparison to what I expect from a predator.

Playing as predator, FT is clearly not afraid of
it, and yeah they will just chase after you
across the whole map relentlessly to destroy
you. That shit sucks abd it so outside the
spirit of what the game tries to achieve.


So more stealth and less health, but much higher melee damage (not for Axe) and faster movement speed.

They’re hardened soldiers many of which have previously killed a Yautja

Fuck fear

It should be about who plays to their strength better

Not about one side steam rolling the other

But the game is fucked

That much we agree on

All of this is hard to accomplish when the clock is the 4th combatant

Make matches 30 mins

15 mins is day

15 mins is night

Stealth is already available to some extent on the game, but most people don’t know how to pull it off.

Why one shot fts with melee if you can do that from far with ranged weapons and not lose hp in the process ?

Game is already a glass cannon balance wise, giving less hp to the Predator is just making it worse.


Wanting Predator to have less health tells me that after 2 years of this nothing has been learned.

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If stealth made pred nearly undetectable and melee could OHKO, low HP would show who’s skilled and who needs to get good. Totally reversed mechanics. Ranged combat would make pred more vulnerable than stealth and melee, as opposed to what we have in phg.

Core gameplay would be pred trying to be stealthy while FT tried to flush him out. It could be good if implement properly and there are a few levels of counters to those mechanics.

Never going to happen in this game tho.

I kind of get it when people make this point but Predator isn’t horror, it’s a slasher.
Multiplayer pvp games aren’t scary, not only because you’re surrounded by other people but also because you put 100s of hours into it and have seen every single in and out of the game, think of how DBD just turns into tag once its no longer your first match ever.

I’ve gotten jumpscared in both the old AvP games and Hidden:Source but those games are all dark as hell and loud and just give you a flashlight & current game devs consider that a lack of accessibility for the visually impaired or whatever and its easier to just sell people dress up cosmetics in brightly lit areas with cartoony graphics. Gmod gamemodes and AvP weren’t scary because of muh power they just had jumpscares in first person with a flashlight and a Runner would pounce and clip into your head shrieking and make you explode with 32KHZ mono audio making your ears bleed compared to the quiet footsteps. It was very effective but wouldnt fly today and people just mess with the gamma in any “dark” game now anyways.

The core problem of this game has always been that the gameplay loop is unable to stand on its own. You shoot at the predator hoping around and there’s no depth or variety or outcome to it at all. It’s fundamentally just phase 1 of Evolve and nothing else, but even Evolve had buffs and whatnot to add some variety to the early game and give options/tools to both sides as the match progresses.
PHG has no early game or phases at all, its just an arena with trees and optional bad AI in a DPSfest with half-baked stealth elements. Clash could have fixed the awful nonexistent pacing except it ended up being king of the hill and just piled everyone onto one point to lob grenades at eachother instead of giving real team vs team objectives bc illfonic is just lazy and genuinely bad at designing multiplayer modes.