PHG turning into platform game

I don’t really know what to say, i’ll let the video speak for itself.
It was actually a little fun playing but pretty hard to control the Predator. xD


Oh geez. What’s that for a bug?

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I was trying to recreate another bug, but instead i got this one, lol!
A pleasant surprise actually. :D

Camera got lodged in a tree!

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Really? Why is that?

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Looks like it for sure.

Because this was a fun bug that i ran into ofcourse. :D
It was almost like a selfie camera, haha.

This happened to me in my first game on the latest patch , it was on derailed and I had to leave the game 😁

Makes sense since it probably felt like playing with reverted controls.

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Probably could have made some awesome screenshots without the HUD.

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You can turn the hud off in private

Question or statement?

Not a question and I wouldn’t say a statement either , more like friendly advice . The last time I tried it though it didn’t let me change weapons or use the mimic wheel . So its pretty buggy unless they have shadow fixed it

smack my head emoji