PHG With Nvidia Filters


I think it looks alot better

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You guys should try this makes the game on a whole new level…

If you guys know any other filter settings post it here so i could try it out…

Nvidia filters are designed to help normal monitors and laptop screens look better because they are designed for office use and have low contrast ratios and washed out colors. On my work monitor, the filters definitely help and image looks better. On my gaming monitor, it looks like crap because my monitor has a very high contrast ratio and color enhancing features built-in.

They also punish performance. On this game, I wouldn’t even try it for gameplay unless I was creating content for a video.

if you want your FPS to drop to a mere turd turn it on.

I would do it with a 3080 and above

It works for me and it runs smooth

I never seen this option. Im running a msi 1660ti is all prob why. I tweaked alot of things and I have to say on 4k is probably best since you could see mudded FT from long distances. Extra pixels really help but if you dont have a gpu that can push those frames…its so bad. Now filters with 4k…cold blooded could ve a waste of a perk.

i sued nvidia filters on COD warzone as tyhe game is utter shit unless it 1440p

I should of opted for a 1440p display instead of a 1080p. But with the Gpu I got its enough. Im going to look for these nvidia filters. Digital vibrance is a good tweak too but problably no more than 60-70%. As long as it dont look shitty. Gotta find those true colors.

well 1440p is over rated. so is 4k… you wont notice much on a 24 in monitor

it looks better but sacrifices the ability to see anything… gimping yourself against others using mario cart 64 settings