pig spawns

how do they work

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At this point I have no idea

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only trend ive noticed is it likes to spawn em near the FT. but take that with a grain of salt im not patient enought to test that

In my experience if a pred hangs out long enough near a spawn site they will spawn there sometimes. Most the time pigs are by the fire team, I feel that is because the predator has been hanging out in that area so the closest spawn site has pigs. Although I have noticed I have to kill pigs before I need them because nine out of ten times if I’m low on health and try to find a pig there are none to be found.
So at the start of my game I pretty much look for the respawn and then try to find some pigs to kill, then I go after the fire team.
That’s all I got.

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Imo the more you drag out a predator match, while hunting the Pigs the entire time, more Pigs go to the dead ones and pool together. Found there is usually just one near where you spawn, just folks are quick to begin running and jumping through the jungle.

If you have a ft that finishes the mission fast, it’s as if there is a spaceship that beams all off the pigs off the map and you are now stuck with your own devices, no Pigs and the ft are at chopper.

I usually go for Pigs, ammo and perma med kit spawns to ensure for a smooth game.

I truly wished we had a set number of Pigs that ran around the map, to ensure the pred doesn’t have an “all you can eat” pork buffet.

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As far as I know after X time (this depends on the spawn imo as in excavation there is a spot where a pig literally spawn instantly the moment you get near it and in derailed I’ve literally had ft at the obj for 4 minutes an no pigs spawned) the game checks the location of the ft and the predator whichever one is closer (in Meters)gets the pigs to spawn near them because all obj are near pig spawns pigs tend to spawn by ft most often the longer they are there the more pigs spawn there is a cap but by killing the pigs you can go over that cap

(This may not be correct it’s just how I interpret how it works based on games I’ve played)

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75% sure at least one pig spawns near Predator (and FT) at the start of a match. BUT getting back to that pig is time consuming

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I will agree it was mentioned and I have found one pig close to me when I spawn if I look around without darting off.

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There are some fixed Pig spawns that work without the Fireteam being near, for example the Pig that you will run into directly after spawning as FT above the Ganja farm on backwater.
You can find them in solo private matches. But they only let Pigs spawn after a random time.

The main problem for people that don’t find any pigs is that the Target Isolation only shows Pigs up to a certain distance, so any pigs that are out of this distance will simply not be shown.
I think it should be around something like 150-200m distance.

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If you need pigs don’t go running away from the FT to look for them. They are near the FT to create counterplay. The pig that spawns on the pred is way, way less frequent and despawns at like leap distance.

And stay away from map boundary/let FT return to the mission area. There are no pig spawns at the map boundary. I always see people out in the water at backwater claiming pigs are busted, theres no spawns out there its the edge of the map.

Target iso near the FT, not while you’re running away. Pigs spawn on them, not randomly. If they get stalled at an area you get 5 pigs. If FT keeps moving pigs despawn.

sad i thought the spawns by the corrugated iron barriers on the edge of that base wered in range.