@Courier most of the time pigs spawn close to fireteam , even if you wait 2 minutes across the map.


Can confirm. Had atleast two games today where the whole game the pigs spawned only nearby FT

Confirmed here as well

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@Courier Its still a bit buggy its not always 100% that pigs do spawn… sometimes they spawn in alot and sometimes its 1 or 0 pigs…

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I’ll let the team know to take a look at it


Nope, have yet to see them just spawning by my location after being chased off in Second Wind. After I flash my Target Isolation, the nearest pigs are always close by to Fireteam.

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Thanks for your reply! I would suggest you to check also these ones. Also I would reccomend you to be more severe with bans because there are some people that constantly insult and trash talk and they dont get banned.

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Ive encounted 3 pigs basically clumped together on Overgrowth for me to snack on and then more else where. How is that for spwning?

Confirmed, also I have noticed that after reinforcments pigs don’t spawn at all