Pistol as a sidearm

I would like to see the pistol as a sidearm instead of a chosen secondary. So you’d have primary, secondary and sidearm. It bugs me seeing an empty holster but apart for 2XL I don’t see a reason to use the other pistols.

Would also like to see additional pistols and weapons as I’m sure everyone else would


I think a new perk could allow this

Sidenote - the netgun needs to be classified as a gear item because it is clearly not a weapon

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I think the way it had to be was each class has its own weapon selection for them… so like recon and scout has ability to use like sniper rifle and assault has acess to typical weapons and only access to like smg pistol or shotgun lol…

Also that there is one class per match and not same classes xD

I just realized OP was taking about FT…

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Coffee, I’m not mad at you so please don’t take it that way. You’re doing the same thing other people do and equating the Recon and the Scout. They are not the same and I’d appreciate if you considered what I have to say, here picture them like this…

The Scout is the point man at the front, the Assault (or a Dutch) is the second guy in the line, the Support is the third, less maneuverable than the Assault or the Scout and last is the Recon (Sniper).
The Scout is the guy checking the ground and the path, the Recon is the guy looking at the distance through a Scope. Between them they keep the team from walking into danger whether that be the Scout spotting a trap of the Recon seeing the glint of a scope in an elevated position. Scouts should not be running Snipers.

In the real world Snipers work in teams of 2, a spotter and a shooter. I don’t think the scout was meant to be the spotter as there’s no mechanics for it. The Recon has the perk Tracking (which is spotting), so it’s as if they just made two jobs into one job, which is pretty normal in video games.

I don’t think we need to restrict weapons to specific classes and I am totally against being forced to run a sniper on a Scout. I’d much rather be able to equip a secondary weapon into the primary slot.

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You will lose all the fireteam player base by doing this. The game is fine the way it is for pubs about classes. The problem is how broken are certain perks, reinforcements and missions. You can finish mission in 3 minutes, you can see 3 of your teamates die and then respawn them with all of their kits restored, you can equip Yautja Bane and kill solo the Predator with the second pistol.

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Actually not mad at you cause you made a fair point lmao…

But its kinda shit when u have 2 recons and 2 supports or sometimes 2 recons and 2 dutches running around which is actually unrealistic.

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And why are you telling me this? when in fact im the one that started that trend patches back and DM’d the issue first to devs… or illfonic team via forums… they just DONOWALLED me aka ignored me completely which lead to what it is now…

I mean yeah ofcourse but still i want to have limited 1 class per team lmao… as much as unrealistic it sounds to you guys the way i see it is worth the risk of temporarly dysfunction to cause a balance… think of me as thanos… but human form lol

The class role lock can be inplemented in a ranked system

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I always wanted to see see load out reworks/class restrictions (Ex: only scouts could run a sniper with mid to long range scopes, no holos/4X)

SMGs/Shotguns/ - Primaries
Pistols - Secondary

Gives more thought to class builds and better team composition.

Yeah you can all run snipers and do massive damages but your whole team would be a glass cannon build, which while a huge risk, lends its self to big rewards.

Pistols becoming the only options of secondaries opens the door for new pistol options, types and I’ve seen people suggest a weak/slow/slightly faster bleed out but you can shoot the pistol off. Or during a long take you could fire off a few rounds in hopes of backing them off.

Look I’m getting tired of repeating myself, Scout would not have the sniper. They are the point man and go first. Recon are more suited to it with Tracking and PiS.

Scouts = scouting not camping.

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They also equal insta death solo against the pred because both their low health pool and damage resistance, but I do agree scouts best bet is stay moving as much as possible

That is a good idea, but at the same time Pred should have the net gun in his gear, just like his wrist louncher, so he also can have 3 weapons

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Weapons are supposed to deal damage

Net gun is not a weapon it is gear 💯

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Exactly my point!

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I mean the core principle is the same so it doesn’t really as long as you divide and make roles for class in that idea.

Again, it falls on deaf ears. It will never happen, so none of it matters.