Place your bets for the big showdown

Loser has to watch there least favorite movie and change profile pick to which ever king wins

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My bets on Godzillia

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Not gonna be a winner. There never is, Hollywood is terrified of risks like that. They’ll come together to fight some 3rd party and go their separate ways.

Called it.

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In the trailer they said one will fall

My question is what’s the point of the fight king adhora couldn’t kill Godzilla so why they think kong can king had lighting regeneration he had it all but he still lost so what a giant monkey a axe going do

I’m just waiting for Mecha King Ghidorah.

But who you think going to win the gorilla or the lizard

Godzilla, Kong losses but Mecha Godzilla intervenes because he’s probably the version where it’s built with Ghidorah cells and such, so MechaG has it out for Godzilla, which would explain Godzilla’s rampages because he probably could still sense Ghidorahs presence, which then ends up in a tag team battle against MechaG and Godzilla recognizes Kong as his equal.

There actually is this time. Multiple rematches with the same outcome suprisingly.

Lol the director said he wanted to do more but he felt bad so he cut it.

Then are people hyping it so much if most people know how it going to end

The bait and switch trailers making normies that don’t watch monster movies think there was even a chance.

Money, and only true fans go this deep into the lore, for example we could see Destroyah after this movie because in King Of Monsters they dropped the Oxygen bomb, what created Destroyah was the very same thing. And FYI Destroyah killed Godzilla and sent him to Hell, where Godzilla fought against demon forms of Kaijus, the Devil and God, he beat them all.


people after the big reveal when they find out its just another useless broken op dlc and not gameplay changin


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They said there will be a clear winner , that doesn’t mean one losses though , it could just mean one puts up more of a fight and alludes to who was more dominant . Either way early reviews say it delivers with what it promised

I predict godzilla and kong defeat mechagodzilla

Trailers say a lot of things.