Plans & Updates on The Nomad Clan’s YouTube Channel

Hello my Nomads! I just wanted to let you know I’m doing an update video for the channel. Supposedly there’s a lot of speculation that PHG’s is coming to an end, which I mean is every day when IllFonic doesn’t post anything in 2 months. However to be safe I wanted to show plans on what’s gonna be done with the channel as well as explaining why it might take longer to upload videos. Including:

•Audio Lore
•Other Games with the Predator Character
•Play future mods with the Nomad Pred Mod

Anyways I hope you enjoy and I hope it was informative^^


Wdym, it ended when the exiled update came out

And I’m not sure many people miss it

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I’m just saying that it also might be an end to my PHG’s Content. I wanna do some more stuff while also staying within the Predator / Yautja Fandom which I’ve got plans for.

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