Plasma Caster Lock on

Ya in the movies and some video games the tri laser pointers supposed to lock on the target before they shootimage

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You could’ve said anything but you chose to speak facts.

Oh I haven’t played Predator in a while since the increased Q times but I’ll go check it out

It’s about sticking to the lore.

We came here to play a predator and instead we got a bootleg off brand version.


Ya exactly! thanks bro 😁


You’d only be able to hit targets that are standing still, it would be a huge handicap for the Predator. Don’t try to give illfonic more crappy ideas.

Wouldn’t that make the game more challenging and fun though? That sounds more like a feature that would benefit this game from the usual plasma spamming players though so sounds like a good idea to me

I think that what Dexter is trying to say is the plasma cannon shots travel so slowly that you have to aim ahead, making aming straight at moving FT-members with auto targeting relatively useless.


i could f with this as a perk that redusces ALL range damage and forces a charge while locking on and auto firing when completely locked but only when completely locked so you cant spam or fire it at all with out a fully locked and charged caster


Lol Aw well now I know how you play lol plasma spam lol

Fuck pred

1:1 copy AvP2010’s pred and you’ve vastly improved the game.

Wouldn’t even bug out trying to climb a tree because there would be no shitty predkour just a functional QoL leap and better map design because of it. And disc wouldn’t be a 1mph flying camera because its silly. Thermal would actually look like it’s supposed to.

Illfonic deliberately tried to reinvent the wheel and its garbage. They took zero pointers from anything previous, its impressively bad.

2010’s caster was dodged by strafing, downside of lock on was that it aimed where the person was and had a tight hitbox. It couldnt account for changes in direction. If you got hit directly by it its because of your reaction time. Whereas PHG you’re meant to just shoot at the ground and splash 10 miles through every surface because the devs are trash.


Unlike you dumbasses I don’t play at all

Bullshit you play everyday.


Oh so you came here to bitch and troll? Ya sounds like your dumbass

Sane people dont play this as much as you preddy lol

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Calling out bullshit takes isn’t trolling dumbass.

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