Plasma Caster shooting sideways to the right instead of where you are aiming in branches

Git gud

I’m sorry. I couldn’t resist.



I bet that has something to do with that glitch where the Predator is strabic.

I just had this fucking shit happen to me with the WRIST LAUNCHER of all things, and the Bow too. Was on Derailed trying to record a video, last dude decided to fuck off and mud up all match as a Recon so I just was waiting it out. Bunch of AI came running up to me on the Helipad and I started shooting them with the Wrist Launcher & Bow and every shot started fucking flying off to my right when I was near the Helicopter. Like I saw this shit CURVE in real time.

I’ll upload the footage, made me laugh at least but god fucking damn is this POS game getting more broke by the day.


Have you tried git gud

It looks like the game is trying to put the projectile on the object at the point of aim.

Clearly, based off the videos here, nearby object collision boxes, visible or not, are heavily influencing the direction of the projectile from the position of the predator.

Easiest fix would be to pick a zeroing distance, maybe 500m away that would be were the projectile and center collide. So, as predator players, we would only have to account for the projectile traveling from left to right toward the center with the over the shoulder aim. Although this might make aiming in some situations less intuitive, it would actually fix the issue with aiming through doorways and other narrow places, since it would be completely within the players control to adjust the position of the predator with respect to the center of aim for an accurate shot.

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God damn a predator with a bow is still a badass sight