Plasma Caster shooting sideways to the right instead of where you are aiming in branches

This just keeps happening more and more often, here is an example during a match:

So the plasma goes meters away from where you are aiming at. Half of the predator weapons are already shit on this game vs players that aren’t braindead, and now even good ones like plasma caster don’t work properly, as if being handicapped and not being able to use disk and bow with high ping wasn’t enough.

At one point the Predator won’t have any weapon that can function, he just goes more into a weak leaping punching bag on this game while ft just gets all the potato assistance candy.


You were pretty salty during the stream today, understandably so. This game get more and more shit the more it’s “updated”.

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Yeah something is wrong with the game ever since the last update, mainly as the Predator the game isn’t running well, Gesp also said he is feeling the bow shots feels too laggy lately, everytime you engange in combat fps goes to shit. Its hard to outdamage the fireteam when your weapons dont work properly.

I play Halo Infinite high settings getting 100+ fps while for this game I need to put everything but shadows on low so it can work properly as Predator. Game runs better in all cinematic setting with 300+ ping as Fireteam than as Predator low settings with 0 ping. Its pathetic, like if they are trying to make playing as Predator the most unfair shitty experience.


That’s kind of how they’ve been molding the game. It’s no longer Predator-centric, the balancing is fully on FT. Was having arrow problems tonight too, they were shooting to the right instead of on the line.

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Yeah its been like that for a while, its more affected by distance, you have to aim the crosshair to the right. Otherwise you aim at the fireteam and arrows just go right through him without giving damage.


This happens to me every now and then, i’ve noticed it’s when i stand close to the tree trunks it can happen. I did report this with a videoclip over a year ago.

My current problem is hitting with the bow in close range, i can stand right behind a FT who muds up etc, and the arrows either goes 45° to the right or the arrow goes straight forward but like a meter to the left of the FT player.

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Yeah I get that too, once I was aiming the crosshair to the right of the ft and it flew to his left, it can get way off.

This has always been thing, it’s been reported several times before too but you know how ilfonic is.
I played a few matches yesterday and it happened to me.

Game has been running like shit since the update

This is another reason I just don’t enjoy playing as pred anymore. I need to be able to damage the FT and when I can’t do that due to poor game performance and shit out of my control, it really makes the experience unfun and particularly taxing on my patience. Granted, I’m not as good as I used to be but I know damn well the difference between when I miss or fuck up and when PHG decides to get screwy for whatever reason.

Was helping a friend train with the disc yesterday and several times, we noted the disc just went right through me without damaging, even on the return stroke. Hell, even some of the grenades just flat out did not damage.

Really does seem like every update breaks more than repairs

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Many people haven’t been much in the mood to play as Pred due to those things.


I pretty much only have fun in this game playing as FT with friends. Playing as pred is a fucking slog. Between glitches, bugs, and hilarious mechanics, it’s just not much fun anymore.

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Had this happen to me yesterday, almost lost my mask because of it. Was peaking over a large rock formation about 60m from the hangers on Airstrip, charging a caster bolt to punish a roof sniper

It’s so fun.
Such a great feature dont you think?

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Have you tried git gud

Same thing but with the bow. The second arrow shot after I get the ft down it goes all the way sideways to the right instead of where I’m aiming. In a game with such a glass canon balance missing even 1 arrow can get you killed: