Players PS4 oř crossplay

So the hell is someone playing here?!

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game is dead on all platforms, eic, steam and psn

you’ll need crossplay on for better chances of finding a match

I have it turned crossplay
on in the game

Where are you from?

The Czech Republic

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If that’s the case then it’s weird he’s not getting matches at all.

less than 3 min pred queue times is actually a good thing

the bad thing? is usually against the same players over and over

player base has shrunk to hell and it will unlikely improve unless the game drops it’s price to about $10 and dlc goes down to about a $1 each

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Should have gone free to play in January. Oh well.

Base Fireteam characters should have always been free to play, IMO.

So send your names so I can add and we can play together

it’s weird that after 3 years Epic has not released this game as one of their monthly free releases

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