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Hey guys!

Ever since the game released on the PlayStation store for free this month I have only been able to find one good fire team to play against as the Predator (don’t mean to toot my own horn at all. But I mean these new guys are absolutely brainless. Some don’t even get reinforcements if I GUIDE them to the spot).

On top of that playing with randos on a fire team is obviously even more of a struggle, although it can be really funny at times too. Anyways, the point here is if any of you want to squad up, especially if you think you have a good fire team to play against me, I’d love to get some games going and have some competitive fun. Reallly tired of running through teams in 1:30sec.

Tag is Altogaw on PlayStation or you can drop your names on here. Haven’t done much cross play but I’m up for that too.


Sorry to tell you, but a lot of good players and teams have left due to how much the game has died, few remain, and you’ll eventually catch em in the jungle


PSN: SkooLBoY_SkePtiK

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Don’t worry it’s completely unimpressive


Yeah I’ve played maybe 3-5 rounds this entire month. Gotta give the newcomers time to adjust. Probably won’t be back to normal until October.

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You might regret that, js.

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@TRASH look you have a willing newbie to play. Maybe you will play a newbie pred unlike all the Veterans that asked to play

Turn it on M&KB will keep you on your toes

This game dead as hell

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turn crossplay ON


Psn is Forever_Mello

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Oh, I know! ME!!!


I would add this guy , @Forever_Mello is great practice and will boost your confidence for certain 👍🏻


Who would have guessed people left after countless updates that are pure shit, lackluster content

and repetitive gameplay


PSN: LazErsinAbi53


I stream daily, usually just run with my squad.

Can run into eachother one day :)

You get this


It’s the same case with F13 and DBD

The forum is the game, I’m leaving the dead!!!

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