Please add aim toggle

Would be a nice option to have.

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And take off auto aiming at pigs


Aim toggle…? Like switching Pred shoulders?

I mean like clicking to aim down sights and having it be a toggle for the right click rather than having to hold right click down.

Explain a scenario where this would help?

Does every suggestion need to fit that criteria? It’s a quality of life option found in plenty of other shooters. Just like the invert aim feature, it’s a preference thing.

I never used this option on any games before just trying to understand how it would capitalize?

Clicking the button twice or aiming + holding until you release it. Some people panic out of ADS and release the button without meaning to and you lose time scoping in and out. Moreso if you’re holding an angle or sniping its better than constantly exerting pressure on your right click multitasking.
first FPS?

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^ What they said.