Please add down rank punishment

As the title says “Please add a down rank punishment” this is for SOCK SUCKER players mostly from Playstation who continuously leave the match before it even begins, it’s fuckin hard as it is finding a game to join to begin with without the sock suckers who decide to shove a dildo into their arse and leave the match before it starts “It’s fucking annoying”

The punishment should be if you leave the fucking match before it fucking begins! Down rank by 10 levels

Enough is fucking enough with these type of fuckwits who leaves the fucking match before it begins


Please also consider to “REMOVE” bots from entering Quick Play matches “Fucking frustrating”

Bottom noises

I only leave the pre-game lobby against potato predators that are at a low level.

This is a pretty stupid complaint.
Unless the lobby is glitched youl get more people.

Chill it aibt that serious.
Also weird fetish you got there.
Socks get you off huh?

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random tid bit but there are connection issues with the game where some people wont connect so if your in a squad and your mate doesn’t get connected good mates will leave to re link up. theres also crashing issues with the game. Mostly only issues on console too

Bruh just means you get a.i Fireteam which is way better then new players(potatoes)

The game is pretty much dead thats why people leave lobbies and you want to punish them for it so it can be even harder to get into a match? Hmmm you’re quite the genius aren’t you 🤔


Most of those that “leave” before the match starts, are actually crashing and are on PS. I’m guessing PS4.


There are numerous reasons to leave the lobby. Super high ping, stuck at 00, glitched load ins leading to somebody t-posing, glitched players that’ll get kicked and be bots, potatoes, etc 🤷‍♂️


I see many of those. One every other day maybe.