Please Add Fisherman Alien

The Alien Uses Hunting e·quip·ment But Not Fishing Equipment Yet


It Can Be From Atlantis And Have Gills. It Will Swim In A Lake Level Or Swim Up The Waterfall At Headquarters To Ambush The Soldiers.

Please Let The Alien Have A Net


And a Large Rod (Fishing)

The net is a Striking Item from the hand and will wrap the Soldiers tight to not break out.

The rod can be set in trees and scoop the Soldiers walking by or you can put a Medical Kit at the beneath to trick the Soldiers to walk into the hook and pull them up by the mouth to peel the skin and hang from tree or eat.

Thank you


HAH you want a large rod.


ok I was to fix the translate

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Lmao this foo


good yes? alien swimming of shark.

Watch them add this now lmao

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I hope.
And I are hoping to cast line through window and pull large soldier out like prize.

is two ways of play and good item.

Wtf this is a terrible idea I’ve literally never heard a worse one

Fisherman predator?? Wtf we’re you thinking

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why? fishing is also huntings

Fishing Pred just sounds bad. I mean, those weapons are bad too. It might kinda obvious if a big string was hanging out if a tree or smth

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is thin and strong and invisible to fish and Soldier. is to also fish water to eatings fish for health. string is to glow like bowstring and charge to throw line far.

Fishing as in… hang FT from trees? 🙃


and is hookings and pullings soldier through window with speed minigame

Lmao fishing pred

close eyes

view you are Alien swimmings at Headquarters Map Boat Shop.
this is why soldiers are fearing to use boat. they are to purchasing of boat with game Currency.
and Alien can JUMP UP SPEED and then strikes and slammings them to wrap tight with Hand Net to pull down.

and then you are to swimmings up falling water to stand at Cliff and throwing hook with Medical Kit to pull soldier up waterfall when soldier is reachings to put Medical Kit in mouth.
And is not bear trap but is crab trap. this is Strongest Trapper Alien.

Are you foreal or are you trolling? It sounds like trolling but then again sounds like you could be serious 😂😂

are to be of thinkings

next is to be spear Cosmetic as harpooning


What? Are you using translator cause that didn’t make sense?