Please add more movie content!

illfonic, before you let this game die down you should add all the movie’s content that your licensed to use. Players are waiting for more Predator skins and types that directly come from the movies. We appreciate the mask from Predators but without the actual skins and Predator types these are just mask. You have many possibilities for other FT members as well. All the people from the Predator movies should be added as well along with their weapons and special skill sets. I fully understand that there is another game in the works but this IP can still make a ton of money if managed correctly. 3 Predators vs 8 or 10 FT would be a great mode to add as well. The hunting reserve planet from Predators would also be a great level to add in. I don’t know if you guys have access to the AVP license but the Predators from those and the main human characters would be a nice addition as well. There is still so much more that can be done with this game. Please don’t moth ball this title, keep the DLC rolling out as long as you can!

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They have already refused