Please Add these features

Hey! I was just wondering if there’s any way you guys can add a type of “Hit Marker” in Predator: Hunting Grounds?

It’s a good game that could be great if you added a some IQ points to the NPC/AI as well.

Another great idea would be to make it possible to pick up fallen weapons from players who were recently eliminated. I mean that’s basically the whole point of customizing your weapons, so other players can see and use them and they are impressed by them.

A kill cam would be great as well.

There’s already a sound marker

Not true in the slightest

It’d only be good if it releases back when the Nintendo was the leading Console

The point of customization is to look good and to improve the gun

Besides considering the lack of variety in weapons might as well stick to your favorite


If your FT you know how you died

If your Pred you know how you died

How many times do I have to say it



Still worth a try

Knock enough times and some one will answer

Ask the souls of all those banned or who left waiting on feedback and content; their silence is your answer.


My poor alt accounts…they will be unsuspended in October 3021

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It got us pred specializations so it works about 1/100

Not enough to say they listen but someday you gotta win the lottery