Please create new predator gear item that disrupts fireteam sensers

Within the games lore,
The predators used a device of somekind that disabled the predator tech that the owlf had stored,

That would be a relatively easy gear item to implement,

It would be a area of effect item,
That would stop the fireteams various devices that track the predator,
And scan the area.

You could have it effect the items they’ve already layed down,

and the items they have in their inventory for a limited amount of time.
Make it a 4 or 5 on the gear stat,
That will give people a reason to use the few predators that have 15 gear attributes,
Which currently go unused,

Thankyou illfonic.

You are so dumb

Illfonic is done with this game

Fuck off

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Dude your a loser lol going on to forums telling people to fuck off,
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No one asked you for your opinion,

All your doing is revealing yourself

It’s funny to think that u are still under the impression that illfonic is still working on this game

They aren’t, quit asking for stuff they’ll never give u

Go play something else

Illfonic are working on this right now as we speak, give them maximum one week and it’s added they told me!

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Yaknow, if everytine illfonic checks in here, they see you acting like a fool,
What reason are they gonna have to come back and make content,

Brother you truly need to get a life,
Don’t go on forums of games you hate and spread your toxicity,

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