Please Illfonic fix the bots behaviour

the bots are welcome for me but when you play private matches against only bots they simply follow pred everywhere everytime, so please, @IllFonic can you improve the bots behaviour when they are 4 on 4.


“Improve” how? Poorly explained, how are Illfonic even suppose to know what to do?
What do you mean by “4 on 4”? When 4 of them are fighting 4 other bots?

This also belongs in the Feedback section.


Wasn’t even specific

Why not just remove the bots then? If you’re trying to fight bots then I don’t see the point. I don’t disagree that they should revamp their AI but I don’t think they have the capability to do so.

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i explain all they need… when the bots are 4 without human players (no human FT) they know where you are every time and they follow you everywhere. they don’t follow thir mission, they come, if you try to hit them they start to follow your position at every point you are, there’s nothing you can do, cloak, run… is not difficult to kill them, but is not useful as training and not fun to fight with… they come for you and… nothing else. that’s it. the behaviour is always the same.

Soon they will program Bots to speak to one another in casual conversation. Some might just Mine for V for fun! HAHAHAA

Some might go for objectives…then for no reason chase the predator!

BTW this post is bait.
You lonely? Do you need someone to talk to?

Love is just around the…


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Christ not this again
Bots weren’t designed for that purpose
This is a multiplayer game
Yet you try to play it like AvP 2010 or concrete jungle.
This scenario is like giving someone a flashlight to light a dark area, then they proceed to take the battery’s out and complain it won’t turn on

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I put the batteries in and it won’t turn on

I change the batteries it won’t turn on

I cry

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As usual… its always fun to talk in this forum… i just asked to fix the damned bots,just because they are braindead, i really don’t understand all this sarcasm.
maybe this topic is boring, better take a look to the other topics…

1000 topic on “please give us JH for free”
2000 topic on “this game is garbage”
3000 topic on “buff my ass and nerf yours”
10000 topic on " look my video i’m very good at this game and ate nutella all the time"

multiplayer or not… the bots are here and they are part of the game, they are also braindead. so i ask for a fix them. nothing else.

Like I said best you can do is remove them if in private otherwise if it’s in pubs and they all quit and there’s only bots left then just quit and restart the queue. They need to vastly improve the brain dead AI in this game but given their track record they either don’t know how or don’t have the capabilities of doing so.