Please nerf the predator

Please @IllFonic nerf the predator ! Waiting queues are unbereable !

Before the patch the predator was almost unplayable and we (predator mains) had 3-4 minutes waiting queues and it was so fun!

Now that hunt mode is somewhat balanced we rolled back to 10-12 minutes queues …

Please make predator team weak again :P


Many FT players are playing CLASH now. So if you try for HUNT then the devs just pulled a fast one on you.

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How about no?


I literally lost brain cells reading this stupid fucking shit


Must we keep cluttering the fourms with post like these.


I don’t think its stupid not wanting to wait in que for a long time. Now with clash and the big nerfs to FT that que will just keep going up. Good thing I don’t run predator.

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I see what you are doing🤣😉

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You bring nothing to the table here but a smug, elitist attitude. Go back to fortnight where you belong.


I swear man any time im on the fourms, i see the best pred memes from you😂😂😂 cheers brother🍺

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More like… make the textures actually resemble realistic cloak and invisibility like this.



Well thx for the nice words but that is not an argument, if you have one please present it.

PS. I don’t play FT, I don’t like those type of games.

Don’t pay attention to insults really, usually it means u either explained it wrongly and worded it wrongly or people are just plainly delusional and ignorant…

Again no offense to both ends… keep it clean and only logical arguments…

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point being, you don’t play pred. Your perspective is limited. I main pred, but play alotbof FT when friends are on, so I’ve been able to experience more of the game than someone who doesn’t spend time playing both. Good preds are better FT than FT mains. Its a fact.

I think you’re in the wrong topic, no offence.

The queues are off because most FT are tired of getting their shit pushed in playing hunt, so they are playing the mode that gives them instant gratification with little to no accountability. Nobody cares if you’re terrible in Clash.

Yes, that is the topic of this threat, what does that have to do with me playing pred or not? More so now with CLASH I actually have played quite a bit pred lol. I do so well with zerker, elder sword and pistol… To well actually… I have yet to find 1 guy that survived me jumping on him with the elder sword and this is from someone that forgot how to even turn invisible :)

Its a totally different game. Try doing that in hunt. Its pretty easy to stack kills as pred in Clash, which is another reason its popular… it gives the power trip with little to no investment in tactics or fourthought. Its dumb fun, but won’t keep people hooked. I’m just wondering how many players will start developing bad habits that don’t translate over when they come back to hunt.

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Aww shucks… 🍻

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Lol hahaha thats funny