Political Fight Club

I’ll go along with this provided the challenger slaps the challengee with a glove and smooth bore flintlock pistols are used at dawn. 1 shot per person. Standing back to back, walking 10 paces, turn and fire.

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Nah, I ain’t giving some old corrupt as fuck career politician a gun. We going old school hands to the death.


We need to remove all the corruption.
That also includes you tho.
Like you sound like a fucking lunatic.

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You’re welcome to try, I have a loaded gun in my work truck and my supervisor has his own.

Its pathetic that you think what I said was any semblance of a threat.
It’s also extremely sad, because it literally proves my point about you being a lunatic.

Your guns dont scare me buddy.
I have no interest in harming or killing you.
So calm your ass down.

I stand by what I said.
You’re a lunatic, and part of the corruption that needs to be removed.
You’re literally what you hate and so openly admit to wanting to kill.

So yeah, there’s a lot of corruption that needs to be removed. But not only in the rich, or governments, all around us.

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You know them old coots ain’t hittin nuthin with a flinty!

You said we need to remove corruption which includes me. So how are you going to remove me? Or can you not understand your own barely literate sperging? Going to cry about how no one understands you now and start screaming “FACTS! REEEEE!”?

Am I a psychopath because I dare try to hold politicians and ceos accountable to the people they fuck over? We know those people never face actual jail time and their fines are chump change to them. So I’m going to guess you think I’m a psychopath because you love deep throating politicians and ceos.

Fucking christ. You’ve literally proved my point.
Several times now.

“How are you going to remove me?”
You stupid child, just because I know you need to be removed, doesn’t mean I’m going to do anything to you.
Lord knows youd shoot me simply because you dont like what I say or how I speak, like the ignorant fuck you are.

There’s literally no difference between you and ghetto people. Another group you hate. Seriously, you’re everything you fucking hate.
Just as disruptive, just as destructive.

Also, I literally said those people need to be removed, so why would I love deepthroating them?
Like your ignorant petty mocking that doesn’t even fit as a response in anyway, just shows how pathetic you are, and how twisted your perception is.

Furthermore, I love how you try to take a jab at my intelligence, yet show how badly you failed to understand what I was saying even tho I made it clear as could possible be.

No buddy, it’s not me not knowing how to speak.
Its your low reading comprehension.

It’s sad cause we agree.
Those people in power who are corrupt need to be removed. But the corruption doesn’t stop there.

And the reason why you’re a part of it?
Because you’re perfectly fine with killing people.
You’re so easily willing to resort to violence.

You don’t have to agree. But the simple fact is that, this makes you a psychopath.

One last thing.
Please calm your bitch ass down.
You’re not scaring anyone.
You ain’t shit.
Your gun doesn’t make you anything big or important.

You’re a genuine degenerate with anger issues.

And if me calling you crazy for your violent homicidal tendencies or urges pisses you off to the point where you wanna get violent with me, then congratulations.
You’ve literally proved me right.

I support this and bringing back public executions. Think about this, take the executioner as a weekend job, and well Negan said it best:
It may not be a hit with the ladies, but I swear to you NO ONE is going to screw with you looking like that. No sir —Negan