Poll on what future modes players want in the game

  • Single player mode
  • Predator Survival mode
  • Predator vs Predator mode
  • 3 Predators vs 12 Man Fireteam

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EIther of the two most popular I think are on the way…judging from the leaks.

Its the gauntlet leak and the lone wolf content leak that i’m referring to.

I think the Gauntlet mode will be next.

Agree with mass that both might be comming. Of the two I want the multi-player version more because I think it can be a lot of fun. Especially if it’s competitive pred game play and not exactly cooperative

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If lonewolf will exist, then our menus are temporarily designed to lock us out of customization and settings currently. That i hope they do something about…not that it matters at the moment, but on the event there is no internet and you really want to play…or that the game nolonger is supported (god forbid that) and servers are shut down for good- at least we will be able to access everything we bought and play some kind of single player . i’m sure though, they aren’t thinking like that so it would have to be a low priority

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Definitely a little early for a lot of that.

I hope we’re getting more maps and modes sooner rather than later 😬

Illfonic did say when the game was first released that their was some sort of Roadmap in the works. I believe that the Roadmap is still coming just, the Excavation map was done first.

Hope so. Certainly too much to ask for them to actually tell us I suppose 🙄

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4 preds vs 4 preds

Battle royale

Hunt where Predator has the objectives

Modes are second to maps, weapons, characters etc


We getting an update soon.

This mean we getting a mode?

I honestly would like to see a single player mode with a campaign for both the predator and marine similar to AVP (2010). Maybe base the campaign around the original Predator movie where you play as the jungle hunter hunting the original fireteam. As marine you play as Dutch. Just my thoughts. And yes, would be cool to a massive battle mode of 3 predators vs 12 fireteam members, but several issues with this. The maps are simply not large enough to support this kind of mode and fireteams of 4 already complete missions in under 5 minutes. The other issue is it would be very one sided and Predator wouldn’t win due to the massive amount of firepower against three predators would be a slaughter. Honestly, several things in the game would need to be adjusted before that could potentially even work.