Poll: What is your favourite class?

  • Hunter
  • Scout (Predator)
  • Berserker
  • Assault
  • Scout (Fireteam)
  • Recon
  • Support

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Lets see how the community is divided, cast your vote :).

I hate to say it but… Zerker lol he’s just too good. To offset his meta-ness I spend a lot of the game doing bow damage, then plasmacaster damage. I also refuse to combispam unless the fireteam is using their knives exclusively. Plus my Zerker just looks so sick in his red/orange armor and biomask

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Why are fireteam and predator classes in the same poll?

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To force people to pick only one :P

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Support for being able to solo a zerk with an lmg outclassing absolutely everything else in the game then

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Who gives a shit, who actually sits there and actually waits 10+ minutes for a match to start wtf just for a 5 minutes match, what the fucks that about lmfao, no thanks pmsl. What a mess.

Damn no love for assault or recon haha. Strange though, all the recons that keep spotting me.


Can you still edit the Poll? Just curious because there’s no Elder, Samurai, City or Dutch on there.

FT Scout, I don’t normally play meta classes, I pick those that suit my play style. Recon is arguably the better classs for perk points alone.

holy shit this blast from the past

Yeah Mr @Terrorize should update classes😉