Positive Feedback!


Now what dose this mean? Well new opportunities! Like now we will get things on night maps like heat seeking weapons, flashlights on our guns (because people complained about the night vision and it be super cool and scary with a flashlight looking for the Predator and for the Predator to look out for flashlights) and more! Especially with the increased lvl cap, now new guns skins, audio tapes and new gameplay music can be implemented as well!

But I did notice something that was just a mild annoyance, like for example when the helicopter comes down at night, there’s no lights not even search lights, also this is a old request but I would really appreciate it if we finally get ledge climbing, kinda of like battlefield and how they can jump over objects like rocks, crates and etc.



A gamble with less returns than profits is not worth it, like did they even test the Tiki Predator before releasing it, probably not because you can still see the armour when it’s cloaked. And probably more bugs to be discovered in the coming days.

Night maps, cool much wow. Level 999 increase. Both of which the community has asked for months now.

If they continue to work on improving the game instead of the skin’s then I would be more inclined to return but as it is, I don’t see anything which interests me.


To be fair they did write on the patch updates they would do a hot fix 😅

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I like night mode

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Can you not have such a shitty attitude

Those poor noobs 😔

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He’s not having a shitty attitude. He’s having a realistic one.

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It’s my opinion, not attitude. If you don’t like it, ignore it, simple as that.

Yup. I just blue screened. Screw dis

This update was utter garbage the only thing I like is new masks

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