possible balancing issues?

so i’ve only been playing as predator bc why else would i buy this game lol. anyways i’ve noticed that no matter how much hp each predator has the fireteam can just demolish your health like it’s nothing and on top of that they can hunt you down onto the highest points when you’re trying to heal so it feels like fireteam is a little broken in terms of damage output and map mobility like if i leap all the way across the map to heal somehow the fireteam damn near spawns next to me to kill me. idk maybe im still just bad at the game but i just overall feel like fireteam needs major nerfing in some categories. also should add i’ve only been playing for maybe a week or two at the time of posting this so keep that in mind before some of y’all toxic people start bashing me

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Getting better is not just a matter of how much you play. Watch vids of @Samhain13, @Anonymous.Voorhees13, @SomeknowmeasXeno, @Mith for overall tactics and builds. Once you know what to do, it’s all about honing your skill and getting a read on the FT. Yes, FT is OP and nothing will be done about that, so you just have to accept that. In my opinion, preds biggest enemy is time as FT can finish any mission in about 5 minutes. Getting kills and extending the match will buy pred more time and win the match.


Yes the FT can demolish you in a second, but so can you with the right build in 1v1 scenarios.

Play ranged and don’t engage in close combat unless you know the FT member is away from others.

You are a hunter, not a slasher. You don’t ambush your prey and kill it immediately. You need to wear them down, exhaust their resources and take them down one by one.


Games broke

While this is true, I’ve found that at high level, even very short missions are very difficult to rush. I was playing with Mojo, Psycho against Dragos the other day in privates and he managed to prevent us from rushing the mission again and again. Almost all matches finished with less than 2 minutes on the clock.

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Good for preds. Did he use the disk or was he just that good with the bow and PC?

That strategy doesnt work when the Fireteam can Just bring a shitload medkits and ammo or Just play on a map Full of default medkits and ammo crates. Only option is to outdmg and get downs and kills fast. Cus FT can easily recover from multiple engagements as if they never happened in some cases. While the clock is against the Predator.


As always, it depends. Dragos managed to exhaust our shit on Airstrip, which was surprising. And it wasn’t against a team of potatoes.

Bow and Plasma. He’s lethal with that shit.

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These one match on yt against Dragons where FT (premade) separated for a few seconds and that one mistake cost them the match. They got his mask early too