Possible Predator Exploit on HQ

What do you think?



Ps4 pro

What’s the exploit?

Taking no damage

May have been inside the tree

Hard to tell

On a large screen you can see better

I can see his eyes light up as well as his outline

You can even see him react to getting hit but no DMG indicator

Nah I watched it again, saw their eyes.
Their definitely outside.
I think your hitting vines or those invisible walls

Could be

The quest of gitting gud continues…

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Nah that’s just the game fucking you lol.

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There is the problem, right there 👆🏽

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The quest for gudness continues!

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It does look like he’s in the tree itself.

PS4 cheetah!

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Oh I thought this was a sniper exploit lol

No all my hacks are undetectable

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Lol sure

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