Potato Stories.

Share your funniest potato stories. I think mine was watching him hide in a corner of the map, shooting at all the trees nearby. Nothing was there. That’s as a FT player. Saw a Predator player jump from a tree and swing at nothing. He was immediately melted.


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Trapping noobs in the burning house on that one meth lab money printer mission. It’s fucking hilarious.

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I was playing as Predator and couldn’t find FT for 10 minutes.
Fond memories of when I started playing this game.

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Killing ppl with doors

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We fakkin doorhackers

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That sounds funny. lol

Is that like standing in the doorway and killing them? I did that with a Predator once. Chased him around the room during second wind with a knife. An armored PMC was polite enough to block the doorway.

That was my first game as the Predator. Couldn’t find them for the life of me. lol.

I work at a nicer bowling alley and geez the blts they serve r super good

But they also have this burger with a fried egg on it that’s really good

And then one time i went to this seafood place and had a burger with a crab patty on top of the regular patty, which was quite noice

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Its actually funnier. Not in this game. But in battlefront 2, if you’re playing lighthside, theres certain doors only your faction can open. If a dark side player happens to be in the door way when the doors close, it’s an instant one shot.

The doors are automatic, so you have time it just right.

Me and @TheSenate have killed some players that way.

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You can also use it to trap people outside the map if you time it right too. It’s hilarious.

It’s a surprisingly viable strategy if you’re facing a hyperagressive team in the 2v2 mode.
@Fire and I have humbled many an arrogant toxic team that way with the good old divide and conquer.

We have been called “filthy doorhackers” by some quite angry individuals who haven’t caught on yet.

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Oh we been called all kinds of shit.

Best one was the scum of battlefront.

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We have humbled the humblers.
The battlefront must have amnesia, they forgot we’re him.

At least we now know if you don’t want to be the only one getting messages just have me play Palpatine and I’ll get the death threats.

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That’d be a sight. Then to listen to their rants and insults. I don’t imagine too many people catch onto it.

Oh bro its hilarious.
Me @TheSenate piss people off cause we play in a heavy troll focused way.
Most ppl think were super try hard, like nah.
We can actually play and do good, but most of the time were literally focusing on what’s funny and cracking jokes.

We get a lot of hate messages.

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