Pre-Order issue.

Hi my Jh87 predator skin whenever the game came out never sent the code or anything im super confused has anyone else had this issue because i don’t think im ever going to get my JH87 skin i know its 9-8 months later but whenever the game came out i was ganna report this and i forgot to but can someone help me.

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When I got my Pre-order there was no code it was just unlocked in the game. Check under Predator Class to confirm.

I did

Le pire c’est de ne pas le mettre en dlc alors que le jeu est mort et rempli de joueurs cancer et ne jouent plus du tout sérieusement et ragequit a gogo c’est ça le pire ils font les mêmes erreurs que sur the friday mais en bien pire

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Ah shit, look what ya did. Le-mentalist77 is gonna come back with those JH87 spam posts

Derangedxeno_02 if you are not happy go way

Hope you have your reciept because it looks like a last ditch effort to get the skin even though you did not pre-order, the receipt will prove the date you ordered.