Pre-order item phase for Steam

To my knowledge the Epic Games version cannot be cross-progressed to Steam, so even EGS players that want to move to Steam now that they have options will not be able to do so without giving up pre-orders items, which for some reason is the iconic Predator skin and not something specially made for that.

Likewise Steam had no day one/pre-order edition or any limited time offer that gave it.

Ontop of that, from what I’ve seen of friends playing, they have access to the DLC without having bought it. I even noticed that I had Dante and his early access weapons before I even bought him. This is likely not intentional as they’re available for purchase and it costs ~$17 to own them on Steam.

At the least let us get the pre-order package for people who have bought these DLCs that do nothing prior to them being fixed.

Ordinarily in these situations I would’ve seen a short-term preorder or week 1 window to get a game’s preorder content that is newly released to a platform.

I wouldn’t even think much on this if it was something like the bonus for Friday the 13th, which was a specially designed Jason that was unique.

But this pre-order skin is literally what Predator is meant to look like. It’d be like making the iconic Jason’s hockey mask and jacket outfit the pre-order exclusive.

I’m aware you can get the Hunter mask, but you can’t get the armor class. Arguably more important, as it’s a class and the design has been re-used with different masks over the years, because it is the iconic look.

In short: Please consider giving early adopters or giving any way to obtain the Jungle Hunter 87 for Steam players.


Yeah it would be nice to transfer progress from one version to the next for those who want to play on steam. It would also nice for new steam users to get JH87.

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Ya I can except Steam getting a pre-order window for JH.

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Its actually surprising it wasn’t, because I’m sure people would have probably bought the game again just to have that skin if they missed it .


Not sure having it available for Steam would be the best move, as it will just lead to players on other platforms demanding another shot at it.

Making JH an exclusive pre-order bonus may have been rash but it is what it is.

Honestly though? How could you pre-order on steam to get the bonus?

They would be going back on their word but it’s also on a platform that simply wasn’t available at launch.

Though given steam is a storefront and was prior available on pc through Epic games while I can accept it being brought back for steam, I do understand why they didn’t.

You couldn’t and that’s one reason the epic exclusivity was valuable, it wasn’t just a year, it was a year and the preorder content.