PreAlpha Gameplay map from PAX Sept 2019 might be PERU map leak.

This map looks like a combination of tutorial with the overgrowth and excavation combined!


Pre-alpha looks awfully similar to what we got from clips ive seen . Does fireteam bleed like that in the released version?

Glad to see in all that time they fixed the wristblades tracking



The video does shows the Pyramid location and as he turns to his right you see a small waterfall. Which confirms that it is a very small map.

I think this is Peru.
Im trying to figure out if HQ has had a map leak but i dont think so.
HQ seems to have a big heliport as per the latest Roadmap…so i don’t know if HQ is this or something else entirely.

This looks a lot like an early Overgrowth. I doubt Headquarters will look THIS similar to Overgrowth