Pred Armor Testing Ideas

And valk has 1300hp btw and has about 10% melee resistance nothing else
Any 3 ars would’ve killed him assuming these players can hit him

Also I’m working 10hr shifts today and tomorrow so idk if I’m gonna test this depends on how worn out I am up until the weekend at least

Actually I’ve tested the mask before and it definitely has a health pool.

It’s separate from predator health, so bane doesn’t effect damage to the mask.

Assault’s passive increases the damage of the weapons directly and therefore does apply more damage to mask hits.

For example, the sawz50 takes two hits to knock off the mask. It takes 3 hits if the suppressor is equipped. It takes 2 hits at close range with the sawz50 and suppresser if your using the assault class, but 3 hits at longer range due to the damage drop off.

This would be new then, because before yeah a saw would 2 shot a mask, but if you did the same amount of numerical damage with any other weapon, it wouldnt come off.

I know because the amount of health lost by the saw and any other type of weapon.

How much damage does the saw do numerically per shot, and how much does the 50 cal do per shot?

Sawz50 252
7en 142

God too bad we didnt have modifiers for customs back in the day.

Could of actually tested all of this exactly.
Like exact numbers.

5 shots would kill a scout lmao

And people say scout is good

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Yeah. I personally feel that the sawz50 should be nerfed to 199 or, at the most, 214 damage.

I like the stamina on scout .
That’s about it.

Don’t forget that scout and hunter take about 8% less damage from bullet weapons, except shotguns.

Oh yeah right

I’ll probably do this over the weekend if no one else does

This is my personal take on it…
I think that the concept of Predator Armor was born when Specialization was implemented.
That is, buffs to shooting from a height, spotting, and attacks within a certain range.
The park was born at the same time, and it is clear that it contains them.

It’s not an exact thing, but I think it’s called “Predator Armor” in general, which is a puille-deter damage calculation involving many factors such as distance/angle/number.

Totally missed this thread.
Hey @Courier @IllFonic.

10 minute response time to the field locker changes but 2 updates and nothing about what’s meant by “Predator Armor”.


Predator armor is mask HP
used to take 2 SAWZ hits back in patch 2.03 now it takes 4 SAWZ hits considering “armor” has been buffed 2 times this makes sense

no where in patch notes from then and now does it mention buffing Mask HP or number of hits to break the mask

Thunder catz is a liar or bad faith actor

@SkooLBoY_SkePtiK @TheSenate @Fire @DisturbedLlama and anyeone else

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Lol so takes more shots with the saw now but less with the scars, compared to before?

Who knows with ilfonic.
But that makes no sense why they did that.

I haven’t noticed any increase In resistance tho, still feels the same to me.

We need numbers.

The scar in all cases did the same damage except when shooting the mask

it took a few extra rounds to destroy the mask with the scar as well i think i’m not sure how many it took in any previous patch

I only know how many 7en and SAWZ took in previous patches so for the mask test i had to use them

aside from dmg reduction which i could test with a AR which predator does take less dmg when shot in the mask

I think the biggest misunderstanding of the Predator’s body armour lies within the incoherent hitboxes for it.
I already tested it last summer with some teammates and came to the conclusion that there was an individual degree of body armour given for every class, but most of the hitboxes didn’t match the armour itself and were very incoherent.
Sometimes obviously unarmoured parts of the breast resulted in lower damage, while some armoured parts didn’t seem to give any protection at all.
Also the effectiveness of some armoured parts like the backplate can improve drastically in certain situations, like for instance when the Pred is kneeling and being hit from behind, which seems to happen while using Ironside.

Maybe they also improved something regarding this.

Thank you sir!

That’s a well needed buff.

i didn’t test it at this time but next time if no one gets to it i’ll check it out next weekend or this sunday if i get someone to help out

if armored parts on a predators model does anything

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