So playing on overgrowth then suddenly my pred stopped moving. All button inputs did nothing then was kicked for being Idle for 120 seconds. TWICE THIS HASHAPPENED ON OVERGROWTH!

What class of Predator?

Holy shit that just happened to me! Using city hunter

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Yup, it’s the City Hunter. It’s broken AF on PS4 especially. Not sure if PC players have experienced this.

I never witnessed this but that’s odd

This annoying bug I thought it was a pc hacker at first but then happened over and over again…glad I’m not the only one

I haven’t played pred since a month ago…I’m not wasting my time with all this bug and glitches lol…

I rather have fun as the FT ,

Same. Its getting harder and harder to play the game. Only need the 1000 claims trophy but I cant even be bothered to do that because how broken the game is. Im not wasting 10 to 15 mins to get into a game to have the game bug out and get kicked because I cant move then have to wait again