Can you remove the perk branch master and make that a passive for all predators. Also add more canopy and tree’s. But if the canopy becomes thicker then make it so predator can see through it but fireteam can’t.
@Elliott626 thanks for idea.


We all are in this together :)

Gotta keep bringing up these ideas and see what sticks!


Hopefully, if we continue to post ideas, one will stick.

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Was mentioned years back.


Seems as if the old posts we’ve all done aren’t being actively archived or looked at if Kass is asking us to not necro stuff and repost em instead.

This is the way lol

I’m just saying, weve been through this before.
Theres no reason to build up hope when we know how ilfonic is.

Everyone’s just gonna end up bring disappointed again.

So sure, mention all the ideas, but them back up,
But dont pretend illfonic cares or is a good company.


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I know ilfonic will probably NEVER put this idea in game but I still have a microscopic bit of hope left. Also I know how ilfonic can be.

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You know this is a part of a larger idea mentioned a while ago right?

To add some perks as standard passives to classes for pred.
Such as impenetrable for zerk, downed range for scout, ect?

If you dont mind see if you can find that post and repost it. Might as well cover the entire idea and not a fraction.

Also the one projectile bullets, numerical data, and I’m trying to remember the other important ones.
Theres a lot though.

I think you’ll enjoy seeing all the stuff from the past.

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Yeah sure I’ll look, thanks.

I couldn’t find it.😞

No it’s not one specific post.
It’s a bunch of them.

Good luck I guarantee theres at least 100.

You could start with lazy’s post.

@Lazycollinator this guy.


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Np, theres a lot of good ideas/ discussions through a bunch of post, if you want to request or suggest things, I’d check it out, you might find stuff you didnt think of either.


If its not a buff to FT it can’t happen.

They want this to be an arcadey pew pew fest not a stealth game unfortunately.
You should’ve seen how loud the pred was day 1, its a miracle they agreed to adjust the volume sliders around.

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Your right, no stealth just pew pew.

The only relative stealth you can get is by playing a Disciplined class with increased energy perks and never sprint, just jump or leap because the Predator foot steps are still loud asf.

The best you can do is get a surprise attack on the Fireteam via activating your cloak as soon as you spawn in, wait for the clicking to start and then turn it off. When you get close to the Fireteam activate your cloak again and you won’t click. Then you drop bear traps on the Fireteam from above and kill the trapped ones