PREDATOR (1987) in UK Cinemas

Vue Cinemas in selected regions will be showing 1987s Predator movie on the big screen, and their super screen this month!! Check your local cinema website to see if you have a screening nearby!!


yay! mine does!

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Awesome!!! Mine too, really looking forward to it. It’ll be the first time I’ve seen it on the big screen, so I’m going all-in with the reclining sofa seats😏

That’s really cool

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Our theaters have been closed for months in California.

They showed Predator and Alien at a cinema here in Tasmania a few months back too! I was really hoping they’d put on Predator 2 and Aliens as well but so far, no dice :(

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Yeah, sorry you guys. Wasn’t trying to rub anything in, just making the UK folks aware of this awesome opportunity. @PsychoBaBas I always thought you were in Eastern Europe for some reason🤣

I’m kinda over the movie theatre…

I haven’t been to the cinema since I watched Sicario 2, that was the last film I actually felt deserved to be watched on a large screen with quality audio… but a chance to see Predator!? Not gonna pass that up. I was too young when it was originally in our theatres (even though I’d already watched it a month prior to its release in some dodgy bar in Spain while on holiday with my grandparents😈) and this is a movie that deserves a large screen, the best sound quality available and popcorn.

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Don’t get wrong there are movies that warrant a theatre visit, the last one I saw in theatres was It chapter 2

I had planned to see Spiral : From the Book of Saw, Candyman and Halloween Kills in the theatre but pretty much every movie was pushed back a year at least here in the states.

I have a pretty big TV and DTS surround sound not to mention I can make better popcorn at home lol

The only reason I still go is to see whatever movie before it’s home release

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Nah I’m in Hampshire :)

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Hampshire, awesome! I’m in the south west, Bristol😊 Always good to meet fellow Brits👌🏼💯

Where I am in Scotland there is a small cinema 6 miles from me, but they are shut due to covid, before the lockdown they were showing older movies though. They had the goonies and top gun etc

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I’d love to see the original Top Gun in cinemas again, that opening scene and music score just before they launch into Danger Zone gives me chills everytime 😊 Looking forward to seeing the sequel, but disappointed they didn’t keep the Tomcats as star fighters. I get it, but still…

As much of a movie fan as I have always been, I’ve never seen top gun 😁 it’s on a list of movies I have no desire to watch. Dirty dancing, top gun and grease ha